Well, hello stranger! I am Foysal and I have Iraa with me here. We have built Jarme together. Iraa designed the UI/UX and in charge of managing everything about jarme that doesn’t involve coding while I take care of the easy part which is writing code for the app/site/blog of our app.

Why Jarme?

We have always cherished every moment together; Doesn’t matter if it’s traveling, watching movies, binge watching tv shows on a weekday or having the deadliest of couple’s fights. And we always felt like it would be really nice if we could just hop on a time machine and visit all those memories every once in a while.

“okay, but why can’t you use facebook for that?”

Yeah, facebook is great, if you want to share your most intimate and personal moments with Jannet, your high school acquaintance who is super judgmental but you can’t unfriend her because her grandma has always been so nice to you(who also happens to be on facebook) and constantly tags you and Jannet on every picture she uploads.

Okay…. sorry about the rant. So basically, Jarme is built to keep things more personal and not for broadcasting your daily life to every social media. Think about it as a digital journal.

Why do we need a blog?

As you have already guessed, we like to keep things documented. We both have learned a lot while building the app and we would love to share it with everyone who is interested.

I will be writing about the tech stack that powers the app, and our entire platform, i.e: angular 2, ionic 2, rails, postgresql etc.

Iraa, on the other hand, will post about her design process, motivations, UX decisions and the hell she has been through which is also known as “working with Foysal!”

tldr; welcome to jarme’s official blog, we are hoping to give you a better insight into the backstage of the app.

Thanks for dropping by!



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