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Memory jars are best ways to group your memories in different categories. Going to an event? vacationing in hawai? Planning your wedding? create a jar and put your memories related to those events in their own jars.

JarMe Premium members can export their jars into .pdf file format which can then be printed out as a diary/notebook.

To quickly show you how we use jars to keep our own memories we made a short video. Enjoy:

Can I add members in my jars?

Yes Absolutely. Currently you can add up to two members in your memory jar but we are planning to increase the numbers very soon.

Do I need permission to add someone to my memory?

Yes! As soon a you add a member to your Jar, he/she will get a notification on their phone from where they will either have to accept or decline your request.

How to create a memory jar:

  1. Click on the side Menu
  2. Click Memory Jars
  3. Click on name your Jar
  4. You can directly add an image, a member and an icon to your Jar from the memory jar page.
  5. Once you click on name your jar, Give your Jar a name [e.g. Travel, Family, Friend]
  6. Write a short description of what your memory jar is about (Not mandatory)
  7. Upload an image related to your Jar (Mandatory)
  8. Add a member to share your precious memories together (Not mandatory)
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