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A new memory on Jarme App can be added by clicking on write a memory on the memory lane page.

What information is mandatory to create a memory?

  • Only the title!

BUT what more can you add to your memory?

  • A description section. An unlimited text input allowing you to write down every single detail of your memory.
  • Favorite. Is there a memory that you absolutely love and adore? Well now you put it in your favorite.
  • Location. Add a location to remember where you made your memory.
  • Color. Change from 24 different colors to paint your memory. Add different colors to make your memory lane look more beautiful, bright and radiant.
  • Icons. Symbolise your memory using icons so that if you are not bothered to read your memory title or description then you can just scan through the icons to get an idea of what the memories are about.
  • Images. For now you can add only one image to your memory but we will let your add more in the near feature.
  • Jars. Group your memories into different Categories.
  • Date/Time. Remember exactly what time and date your memory occurred.

Tip 1: If you aren’t bothered to change the color and icon of your memory every time you add a event then choose a default color and icon from Menu>Settings>Account.

Tip 2: You can add an image, a location and an icon to your memory directly from the memory lane page.

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