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Keeping a journal or writing your diary everyday can be boring at times but your memories are as precious to us as they are to you. Which is why we built Jarme, an app that makes it fun to write, share and reminisce the moments of your life that are worth remembering.

Jarme allows you to store your memories with concise text, flying colors, beautiful images in a meaningful way.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jarme App:

[1] How to create a memory?

[2] How to sign out from Jarme App?

[3] How to delete a memory?

[4] What is Jarmuseum?

[5] Can I add memories offline?

[6] How to view memories offline?

[7] Features in calendar

[8] How to reset jarme app password

[9] How to reset the lock passcode of Jarme App?

[10] What happens if I delete a Jar?

[11] Default setting in Jarme App

[12] How does search work in Jarme App?

[13] What are places in Jarme App?

[14] What are memory jars?

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