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JarMuseum is a feature we implemented to remind users of the memories they created in the past. Currently, any memories created more than 3 months ago will be featured on your memory lane page. That is considering you did create a memory today three months ago or before.

For example, today is 07th February 2018 JarMuseum checks for the oldest memory you have created on 7th of any month but has to be at least 3 months old.

However you may have multiple memories created on 7th. So JarMuseum looks for the oldest memory created on 7th of any month and features that on your memory lane page.

How to turn on JarMuseum?

Step 1. Open the app and click on the menu on the top left corner.

Step 2. Click on setting found on the Menu

Step 3. Click on Notifications from the list

Step 4. From here you turn on both “In app notification” and “push notification” depending on your preference.

  • In app notification: Turning this on will allow users to view the memory within the app. The memory will be featured on the memory lane page.

  • Push notification: You will receive a notification on your phone reminding you that you have memories in your JarMuseum created today. Click on the notification to view all the memories.

Why was JarMuseum made this way?

Our initial plan was to show users the memory of the day happening a year ago. So suppose if today was 7th February 2018 and you had a memory on 7th February 2017 then JarMuseum would show that memory on your memory lane page. And if nothing happened today a year ago, it would show nothing. But since users have to use Jarme App for a year to use this cool feature, we have reduced it down to 3 months for now.

What’s the future of JarMuseum?

Once we get a lot of users using Jarme App and they are using it for more than a year, we will change the current setting to “memory of the day” where users can only view what happened today a year ago.

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